but sometimes i need life to be a fairy tale.


today i was in hot topic with my mom and there was a bra with Simba on it so I asked her “want a lion king bra?” she said “why would i?” so I put it in front of my chest and said “hakuna ma tatas” she had to leave the store she was laughing so hard.

"Thor likes this grocery store.  We think it might have something to do with the carts. :)"

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We’re adults, but, like…adult cats. Someone should probably take care of us, but we can sort of make it on our own.
my roommate, on the question “are we adults” (via iamnamelessgem)



my favorite thing is when steve hides full body behind the shield




steven grant “steve” rogers (july 4th,1918) |  happy 96th birthday, cap!

Aren’t the stars and stripes a little… old-fashioned?

favorite people: Chris Evans
”I decided to make ‘Captain America’ because I realized I wasn’t doing the film because it terrified me. You can’t make decisions based on fear.”




This movie is a rom-com and nothing will convince me otherwise.

fun fact: I actually have a number of books on screenwriting (which presumably to some degree reflect the current zeitgeist of hollywood writers) and they do actually say that the plot of a buddy movie and the plot of a romcom are the same structure just with one of the genders changed.

Totally not surprising.


 Honest Marvel logos... I had to. xx

The truest thing that has ever been posted on tumblr.


how weird do u think it was for chris evans watching captain america in theaters during the scene where steve is watching a captain america movie in theaters